Keep Learning

This blogpost is to share my experience from my journey in ONL course. To start: Looking back and looking forward I still remember when I was interviewed for the job. I was asked why I want to teach. The most simple answer is that I want to help students to learn and to progress as […]

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Am I on the right path?

This week, it has come to Topic 2 on the ONL172. We learned about openness and online course (MOOC). It looks excited at the beginning but when we discussed ‘openness’, it raised many questions to me. Am I ready? There are people out there offering online courses. What makes them go online? What is their […]

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Shed a light on me

This blog post is to reflect on my personal experience and personal view after three weeks of online network learning participation. I work in a group and need to collaborate with other people (online) on a given topic. Who was I as an individual in the digital age? Here it came, the first group meeting […]

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